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Awhile back, after the release of Pong I started work on a new engine to fix all the issues I didn't like with Pong.  Every sprite in Pong was hard coded and was unbearably large because of that (some sprites had 20+ lines dedicated to them just to place and check for user input).  I started work on an engine I called 'Turf' because I had no idea what kind of game I wanted to make at the time so I developed simple parts of it such as rendering and saved it until I had some time to fully develop it.  I started creating a simple 2D sidescroller in it but never got very far due to the demands of school.

Now that school is over, I needed something to work on instead of waste time playing games all night after coming home from my day job.  I've created a team of 10 people working on different aspects of a new platformer for Xbox 360.  The engine itself still needs work, but I'm extremely impressed with the amount of work coming out of our team.  We've been fully together about a week now and so far we've got the basic story planned, partial game design written, the portion of the engine I've developed, a piece of audio to listen to, and a fancy new dynamic menu editor to generate in game menus.

I'll create a simple blog later tonight as our 'PR' page and link it from here.  Until our artist gets cracking though, it's going to be text updates.

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