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I recently went back to one of the online development forums I had talked within a bunch awhile back and had a greeting of 10 new messages of people asking for me to join their project (I had requested a project there awhile back).  Here's one message in particular that got my attention:

"hey well im lead programmer ATM, i must say I started learning C++ 3 weeks ago. I know this sounds stupid making a game while you dont know about templates and stuff. But i feel like i known C++ for a year. I can send you a sample of my work. We are using a Premade engine, so your DX skills will be no use, but you could write openGL shaders for our use. Our game is an FPS and I will supply you with more info if you'd like to join. Its for linux and mac providing we have a mac to test on. If you'd like to make a windows port, you are welcome but im not putting effort into making something specially for that shitty OS. Anyway going back to the features, we want to use V3 shaders, raytracing (believe it or not), depth of field (if i can manage picking), motion blur, volumetric fog and clouds (if they wont appear to be low), per pixel lighting and bla bla etc etc.

So are you interested??"

Let me help by mentioning some comments on your message.

First off, there is no immediate structure to the message making me instantly think "new guy" or "young kid".  Secondly, I can understand if you want me to join as a lead programmer, but to say you've only known it for 3 weeks but it feels like a year might be good that it 'feels' that way, but I guarantee you don't know how to effectively use what you've learned.  But, thankfully they're using a premade engine so my skills are useless.

Next, you mention the game is targetted towards Linux and Mac but you don't have a Mac to test on?  You then proceed to call Windows a shitty OS, which is absolutely not the case, especially in games where Windows has the majority of all PC games ever made (Mac and Linux have games but they're typically the bigger companies developing for all systems or sometimes ports).  Though it should be OK because I'm just writing the shaders and apparently someone who has programmed for 3 weeks will write the shader processing engine.

Sorry, I'm not interested.

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