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Functional programming and Monads are a bit complex, and took me a while to understand. Surely, they're very different than OOP. So, I'd like to recommend Mike's World-O-Programming's "Yet Another Monad ...


I first came across PERL (Practical Extraction and Report Language) some 20 years ago. This language is still going strong and is available across a wide variety of platforms, not just Unix. As ...


I am officially today making a website developer/designer business. Prices are client-by-client basics. I charge pretty cheaply compared to other companies. For expertise I have knowledge in advance HTML, ...

Michael Freidgeim,

I’ve read Combining Client Scripts into a Composite Script and wanted to use it. Then I’ve read Julian Jelfs concerns ScriptManager.CompositeScript issues However the article Combining javascript files ...


The Problem The following iterative sequence is defined for the set of positive integers: n n/2 (n is even) n 3n + 1 (n is odd) Using the rule above and starting with 13, we generate the following sequence: ...