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I have finally been able to make some progress.

I started out of the gate with really good intentions, but family life took some life altering turns. Events  which made extracurricular game programming far down the priority list.

I don't want to get into personal issues in this forum, but will say some of the events were extremely positive while the yin\yang that is my life threw snake eyes on the come out  in some other areas.

Overall things seem to be back on track. 

What I am doing:

My goal was to create a game that my 5 year would enjoy playing, and provide fun for other ages as well others  [sic] me. My son absolutly loves mazes. 

He goes through maze books as fast as I can buy them, and much faster than I can draw them. So with these two pieces of criteria I decided to create a Maze Generation program and be able to print them. Thus armed I can print mazes and he can be entertained while my beautiful wife and myself go out to dinner. (My son does not sit well unaided)

My first objective has been reached. Maze Maniac

After some research (Google)  I decided on the Deapth First Search Algorithm for the maze generation.

In short it is : 

1) Start at a random cell in the grid.

2) Look for a random neighbor cell you haven't been to yet.

3) If you find one, move there, knocking down the wall between the cells. If you don't find one, back up to the previous cell.

4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you've been to every cell in the grid.

Most of the programming went really well for this, and it down in the first couple of hours.

Since I have done some work with GDI ... so  I went with this to draw the maze.

Ok, so far so good, The Bug a Boo came when it was time for the drawing and even though a look at the array has all the cell walls in place, they weren't drawn that way.

After many hours I finally found the small logic error that was causing the issue. Yeah.

At this point I can :

  • Randomly generate a maze

  • Change the number of cells (complexity) 

  • Change the padding (lay out)

  • Print

In my original plans, I would have been at this point at day 3 or 4 or so. Life goes on, if one is lucky.

With this point reached, though, I have reached the initial minimal goal I had set for my self. (I like to set the bar low)

The next Goals were to add a player, and navigate the maze on the computer screen.

  1. Add a player, navigate the maze from start to end

  2. Add monsters to avoid (Think pack man)

  3. Add health and die after too many collisions with the monsters.

  4. Add bitmap graphics to the maze

  5. Make the maze 3d

  6. Improve AI for monsters

I am not sure GDI will work for all of this or not.  I like to think the maze generation portion will work for any graphics implementation and allow a good frame work for player monster locations.

I need to find time for research into alternatives  if it doesn't.










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