Platform Builder: Target Processor 'Armv4I' not Installed
Recently a poster to the Platform Builder newsgroup posted an interesting solution to a not so uncommon problem when installing QFEs. The problem is that the error message “Target processor 'Armv4I' not installed” and the install stops. This happens even though ARMV41 is actually installed.
I have seen this problem myself, although not recently, and have always been able to solve it by deleting C:\Windows\WinCEPB60.ini (change the number to match your CE version, WinCEPB50.ini or WinCEPB42.ini.) But this did not solve the problem for him.
He reported that he found a value in the registry that wasn’t correct. The following is what it should be:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Platform Builder\6.00\Setup]
“FP1”=”C:\WINCE600\” ; should be set to the location of _WINCEROOT
If FP1 is set to a folder other than the location of the OS install, which is defined by the environment variable _WINCEROOT, then change it. This solved the problem that the newsgroup poster was having.
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