Windows CE 5.0 added a function to retrieve information about an open registry key. The function is CeRegGetInfo() which takes a handle to an open registry key, or one of the root keys, and a pointer to a CE_REGISTRY_INFO structure. It returns information about the registry key in the CE_REGISTRY_INFO structure.
Before calling CeRegGetInfo() the structure needs to be initialized with its size, a buffer to receive the key name string and pointer to the size of the string buffer. Here is an example of using CeRegGetInfo() to output a key name based on a registry key;
 void GetOpenKeyInfo( HKEY hRegKey )
               CE_REGISTRY_INFO RegInfo;
                DWORD KeyNameLen = MAX_PATH * sizeof( TCHAR );
                RegInfo.cbSize = sizeof( CE_REGISTRY_INFO );
                RegInfo.pdwKeyNameLen = &KeyNameLen;
                RegInfo.pszFullKeyName = (TCHAR *)malloc( KeyNameLen );
                if( ERROR_SUCCESS == CeRegGetInfo( hRegKey, &RegInfo ) )
                                RETAILMSG( 1, (TEXT("[%s]\r\n"), RegInfo.pszFullKeyName ));
                                RETAILMSG( 1, (TEXT("CeRegGetInfo failed %d\r\n"), GetLastError() ));
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