I received an interesting question from an Engineer today.  It read like this:

"I have an issue that has cropped up with using Platform Builder 6.0.   I installed a newer version of a CE BSP on my system and now Platform Builder will not open my old project nor create a new one.   When creating a new project I get an error message on the status bar that only says “…project creation failed”.  If I restore the old BSP I can create new projects so I think the problem is somehow related to the new BSP. "
So what I knew was:
  1. He is developing for Windows CE 6.0
  2. He had an old BSP
  3. He has a new BSP

What I guessed was that the old BSP and the new BSP were both in the Platform folder, and that they both had something in common that Visual Studio and Platform Builder where looking at.  I suspect that the thing they have in common is the catalog file.


I suggested that he remove the catalog file (Catalog\MyBSP.pbcxml) from the old BSP and try again.  What he did was to remove the entire old BSP.  The result was that everything worked again.


I tried to reproduce the problem and could not.


You may also the articles listed in Summary of Platform Builder Catalog Posts to be of help.


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