The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Lifeby Alice Schroeder is a very interesting view into how Warren Buffett’s mind works as he invests and grows his wealth.
Adding a review of this book to my Windows CE blog may seem odd, but I thought that this book was such a good read that I wanted to share it with others. Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down. That is a little unusual for a biography.
The author does a nice job of not only telling the story of Mr. Buffett’s life, but she uses her inside knowledge of the financial industry to explain events and how they affect not only Berkshire Hathaway but our economy as a whole. After reading this I certainly have a better understanding of why our economy is in trouble today.
Mr. Buffett participated in this book by providing interviews and probably access to his personal and business records.  This shows in the book as it includes a large amount of quotes from Mr. Buffett to substantiate the content of the book.  This may be the first time that he has provided this kind of access for the creation of a book.
I recommend that you pick this book up if you are interested in Warren Buffett, or if you have any money invested. 
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