Maybe someone knows a better way to get the device emulator to suspend and resume, but since that wasn't my end goal this is a story of what I did to get the emulator to resume.

I am sitting in a hotel room with nothing much to do so I thought it would be a good time to add power management capabilities to my Windows CE: A Stream Interface Driver Shell.  I brought a device with me, and I have everything I need to use it, except a cable to connect to the serial debug port which I need.  So since I already have a device emulator project sitting in my WINCE600 folder from a demo that I did last year, I decided to dust it off and use it.

I started up my emulator and looked around to see if there was an obvious way to suspend and resume it.  Of course there is a Suspend in the Start menu, so I tried it.  The emulator did suspend, it even closed the window.  I was thinking that it might just give me an option to resume once it had suspended, but that wasn't the case.  Worse, after suspending I couldn't reattach because the emulator was still running.  I had to kill the process before I could use it again.

I have a little application that uses CeRunAppAtTime() which will wake up a real device that has a Real Time Clock (RTC) capable of waking the CPU.  So I tried that.  The same thing happened, the emulator suspended and the windows closed.  After waiting a while for the RTC to wake it back up, I killed the emulator again.

Again, resuming the device emulator wasn't my end goal.  So it was time for a quick and dirty solution.  I edited OEMPowerOff() in the OAL to remove the line of code that actually suspends the emulator.  The line that I removed was a call to CPUPowerOff().  With this change, the emulator will suspend and immediately resume because it doesn't put the CPU into a low power state.

This little modification comes in handy for testing behavior of software on suspend and resume.  So I could work on the power management in DriverShell, which doesn't really control any hardware.  This could also be used for testing an application. 

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