Another engineer just called me for help to figure out why her changes to a dll were not reflected in the nk.bin. I have always found this to a user error problem and started to list the causes that I could think of, but in the end she found a new one.
Causes that we came up with are listed below. You may know of others, if you do please share those with us in a comment.
·         You didn’t build your code before running makeimg
·         The build failed, but you didn’t notice and ran makeimg anyway
·         You didn’t copy the file(s) to the _FLATRELEASEDIR prior to running makeimg
·         You didn’t run makeimg
·         Makeimg failed
·         You didn’t download the new image to the device (and there are lots of variations of this depending on how you download images to you device)
·         You have an old copy of the dll in the same folder as the exe that calls LoadLibrary(), this is the new
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