I clicked on the wrong thing this evening while creating a new file using Windows Explorer. Instead I created a new folder with the default name of “New Folder”. Not giving it any thought, I just left the folder where it was. This created an error when I built the code that I was working on. The error was:
BUILD: [00:0000000004:ERRORI] Bad database entry: New Folder\ 40000 10 0.
This clearly told me that New Folder was creating a problem, and experience tells me that the problem is because there is a space in the folder name. So being a thinking kind of guy, I deleted New Folder and tried to build again. But that didn’t fix the problem so I tried to do a clean build of the code using “build –c” and still the problem wasn’t fixed.
The problem is that build.dat, in the root folder of my BSP, is has been corrupted by my mistake. So the solution is to delete the build.dat file and then build.
So what is this build.dat file? It is used by build.exe to keep track of dependencies and helps speed up the build process when you build a second time.
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