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Sitting here wishing I was at TechEd in Boston.
Instead I'm working on moving our new company Intranet site from a test machine to the server it will live out its' days on.  Hit a few bugs after the move and trying to solve them before taking this new site “live“.  Originally built using the PHP framework called Mambo, it has since been migrated to the Joomla code base. 
I recommend Joomla to anyone who may need to put together a dynamic site, but doesn't have the skill to do so from scratch oneself.  I would like to add a couple of caveats to this though:
1)  Works best using Apache as the web server.  I run it using IIS due to some ASP pages I really need to keep and had to jump through a few hoops for that to work.
2)  Being part of the Open Source Movement, Joomla is created and maintained by the *nix crowd.  Generally not an issue until discussion of file permissions comes around.  If your in the Windows world, learn how CHMod correlates to NTFS permissions.
3)  I can't stress enough about versioning issues with open source projects.  In the case of Joomla, you'll need Joomla itself, PHP, and MySQL for things to work.  In general, newer versions can fix security issues in older versions, but the newest versions of different projects may not be compatible with each other.  This is compounded when you take into account addons for Joomla.  I have to run an older version of MySQL, as some parts of Joomla don't work well with the 5.1x series yet.  Troll the appropriate support forums to see what versions of everything others are using to save yourself alot of misery in trying 47 different versions of a package until you find what works.
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