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When we originally deployed OCS 2007 R2 in our environment, we only built one OCS 2007 R2 Access Edge Server.  So, recently, we built three more OCS 2007 R2 Access Edge Servers for high availability and additional capacity purposes.

To load-balance all of our Access Edge Servers, we use a hardware load-balancer.  Please note a load balancer is required for arrays of OCS 2007 R2 Access Edge Servers.  For more information about load balancers for OCS 2007 R2, please click here.

Here are a few things we learned.

1) When you configure the Edge Servers tab under Global Properties, it is important that you add both the FQDN of the array name used to load-balance all of your Access Edge Servers and the FQDN of each of your Access Edge Servers.  If you do not add the array and server names, you will have problems sending out outbound IM messages and seeing Presence information.


2) When you configure the Federation tab under Global Properties, make sure you specify the FQDN of the array name to successfully load-balance outbound IM traffic from the pool to the Access Edge Servers.  Do not specify the FQDN name of an Access Edge Server.


3) When you build a new Access Edge Server, check and make sure the public CA certificate you are using for the external interface is able access the URL for the CRL (certificate revocation list) through firewall port 80.  For more information, check out a previous blog posting.

4) In addition to firewall port 80, check and make sure firewall port 5061 is open from the new Access Edge Servers to each of the Public IM providers to ensure outbound IM traffic works from the Access Edge Server external interfaces to the Public IM servers.

5) When you build a new Access Edge Server, check and make sure that you have the AOL Root Certificate installed in your Root Certificate store.  If you do not have the AOL Root Certificate installed, you will not be able to see Presence information for your AOL contacts in Communicator.


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