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The Year 2008 is just around the corner actually 8 hours away so I thought a good post will be to ask everyone about their New Year Resolutions.

Here are my five New Year Resolutions.

1)  Exercise:

 I need to exercise, not that I am overweight or something but I just want to be in a good shape. I remember back in Pakistan I used to go to gym and exercise for 1-2 hours straight. Now, I cannot perform three good pushups :(

2) Learn Ruby:

With the motive of learning one new language each year I will be looking at Ruby in the year 2008. Ruby has shown a lot of momentum and I think it will be an awesome programming language to have under the belt.

3) Read one book each month:

I have to admit I am not much of a reader. But I will try my best to read one good book each month.

4) Prayers:

Actually, this has to be on the top of the list. But, the numbers don’t really matter. I have been slacking off prayers for a long time. I think it is time to get my act together and offer prayers on regular basis

5) Podcasts, Articles and Videos:

In the Year 2008 I will try my best to write one article a week, one video a week and one podcast a week. I will also try to read one article a day. Everything will be hosted on  

So, those are my new year Resolutions. And now, I would like to know what these five people will be doing in the year 2008.

Steven Smith 

Phil Haack

Scott Hanselman

Scott Guthrie

Keith Rull

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