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We all are familiar with the layered architecture which represents the different layers of the application. Most of the application consists of the 3 layer architecture which includes Presentation Layer, Business Layer and the Data Access Layer. Since, Unit Testing is extremely beneficial for the developement of the application I think it should be considered a layer. This means that along with the 3 layer there should be one more layer added to the application which will be known as the Unit Testing Layer. Offcourse the layer architecture does not mean that it can only consists of the 3 layers but what I am suggesting is that we should inherit the architecuture which consists of the Unit Testing Layer along with other layers. The purpose of the Unit Testing Layer will be to test all aspects of the application. This means testing the presentation layer, business logic layer and the data access layer. Offcourse, the Unit Testing Layer will not be the part of the deployment project and will be excluded when the application is deployed to the production server.

Just my 2 cents!

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