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I am pretty sure this Export Button Custom Server Control is going to get me FAIL in my Exam on Tuesday. I am very exicited about this custom control. Here are some of the features of Export Button Control:

Export to multiple Formats: The control allows you to export your data to multiple formats. Which include Excel, Text, XML and Word documents.

Design View functionality: Simply drag and drop the control from the toolbox and right click to assign the properties.

Properties: Here are some of the properties of the Export Control:

1) ExportMode: Export mode can be Excel, Text, XML or Word.

2) FileName: This represents the name of the exported file. You can type MyFile and select the ExportMode to Excel so the file generated will be MyFile.xls.

3) TargetControlID: This property represents which control you want to export. The Export Button Control works with only DataGrid control and the TextBox control. Hence if you have a DataGrid control with ID "MyDataGrid" the property TargetControlID = "MyDataGrid".

The control does have a price but I have put the price sooo low that its close to nothing. The control will be available for download in few days from my website I will provide a .dll file which you can add in your toolbox and use it. 

Source Code will not be available.


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