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AzamSharp Some day I will know everything. I hope that day never comes.

Ahhh, today is saturday woke up little early (6:00 AM). Anyway, I went to ASP.NET forums to check out some questions and one developer asked "How can I write text to a word file.".

So, here is the code to write text to a word file:

private void WriteToWordFile() 
// Any folder 
string path = @"C:\ServerFolder\MyWordFile.doc"; 
string text = TextBox2.Text; 
// Put it in try-catch finally :) 
FileStream fs =  File.Create(path);  
            StreamWriter sw = 
new StreamWriter(path); 

Okay me leaving for Job!

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Posted on Saturday, October 8, 2005 8:12 AM | Back to top

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