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DHTML is a great scripting language. Although I have never written any DHTML scripts of my own but I have played around with few of them. is the God of all DHTML websites. I was just browsing the website today and I found a very cool script for making tooltips. I used it in my code and it creates kinda cool effect. Check out the image below:

This is loading the data from the Categories table of the Northwind database. I used simple databinding to display the contents on the screen. I do agree that the display kinda gets messed up if you are displaying too much information in the tool tip. I am not including any code right now but be sure to check out my website as I will write an article about it. I just tried tool tip using Datagrid and its looking pretty neat. Check out the image below. Whenever you hover on one row it will display the "Description" in the tool tip. Also it works on both IE and FireFox, actually it looks much better in FireFox the tooltip is pretty sharp.
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