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How do I restore a SQL Server database from a backup *.bak file?

If you aren't sure what is actually in the backup file, or even if you think you are sure--execute this statement from a fresh query window: RESTORE FILELISTONLY FROM DISK = 'X:\MDD\Clients\Lg\H4\H4L.bak' The information about the mdf/ldf files will show up looking like this: In this example, I was restoring a database to a different server with different filegroups, directory setups, etc.--so I had to 'MOVE' the location paths to represent the drives I had available. If I were restoring to the same ......

Why does Eclipse say Another Transaction is Already in Progress when I Deploy my Google Application?

The message may also say something line: Unable to update app: Error posting to URL: 409 Conflict Another transaction by user Your.Name is already in progress for app: your-appName, version: x. That user can undo the transaction with "appcfg rollback". Basically this means that in the midst of your previous deployment of the application, the process was interrupted. The Google SDK interprets this as a deployment ......