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Why am I getting the "operation has been canceled" message in Outllook?

If you are getting the message...

This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer

...whenever you try to click on a hyperlink in a mail message when you are in Outlook or in a Word document,  it is primarily because your default web browser has a 3rd-party setting that doesn't work and play well with Office products. For example if you are using the FireFox web browser, try changing the default web application to be Internet Explorer.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Start>Control Panel>Add Remove Programs>Set Program Access and Defaults
  2. Once you're in Program Access and Defaults, go to Custom
  3. Click on Internet Explorer; click on the Enable access to this program checkbox.

Try the hyperlink again. If the problem still occurs after this, that means that there is a setting still active under Internet Explorer which is now your default. To bring back Internet Explorer to where it was before any 3rd-party tools (e.g. Google Toolbar, etc.) may have been installed, do the following:

  •  In Internet Explorer, click on Options (if IE 7, go to Tools, Options)
  • Go to Advanced.
  • Click on Reset button.

Note: Once you click on the reset button all your browser add ons will be disabled.

Once you complete this, follow steps 1-3. This should eliminate this message from reappearing.


Sunday, December 7, 2008 1:44 PM


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