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What's up with Symantec? My problems with them actually started a couple of months ago when I upgraded to Windows 7. I wanted to install the Norton anti-virus program that I have a subscription for. When I've needed it before, I could go to their site, log in, and re-download my product with no problem. This time, I couldn't find it. I kept being routed to an upgrade screen. I didn't want to upgrade since I was planning on dumping them and going to Kaspersky when my subscription expired anyway. I tried calling their customer support., but gave up after being on hold for about 30 minutes. I just went ahead and bought Kaspersky and figured I'd just cancel my subscription when they sent me a renewal. Well, it came two weeks ago, and I've been trying ever since then to contact them to cancel the subscription with no luck. When you call the customer service number at the bottom of the email, the <very long> message asks if you are calling about a recent charge on your credit card you don't recognize, and about how it's for their award-winning blah blah blah. OK, I'm a little annoyed by having to listen to this announcement which takes over a minute to find out how to reach someone I can talk to. So, I follow the menu commands to get in the right queue and wait..... and wait..... and wait. The recorded message from the overly-perky message-lady voice tells me, "We appreciate your patience, please don't hang up now. If you hang up and call back now, this will increase your wait time. And all calls are answered in the order they are received." After about 25 minutes, my cell phone dies. I tried over a period of days at several different times to get a hold of them to no avail. I was starting to look bad at work spending so much time with my phone stuck to my ear. I am a contractor, so I can't really spend hours on personal phone calls at work. Not that it looks any better for employees, but it's worse for contractors. I finally took off of work with the intention of getting this resolved. I made sure my phone had a good charge and called. And waited....and waited.....and waited..... I'm not sure how long I waited. I know it was well over an hour, and closer to two hours. I am wondering at this point if there really are any people there answering the phones. I am picturing this big automated center that holds all these calls with real people whose job is to occasionally interact with someone just to put them in another queue. Heck, they get their money by setting you up on their automatically renewing subscription "service". I think the real service is them serving themselves to your money. At this point, I've given up on trying to get my $45 back from them. I think I will tell my credit card company to cancel my card and issue me a new one so at least next year at this time I won't be stuck with another unwanted charge.

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I have seen a article recently that they were being class action sued over this kind of behavior. I wish I could dig the post up for ya. Good luck on this!!
Left by Dave on Mar 02, 2010 1:05 PM

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Companies tend to panic when they are on the way out. Expect more of this behavior as they begin to become irrelevant over the next couple of years.

Un-install everything Symantec (or any other paid anti-malware), install Security Essentials, and watch the evil AV companies die. With a smile on your face.
Left by Bill on Mar 02, 2010 11:18 PM

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was having a similar issue when working on instant essay typer task but thanks to Bill's advice everything was fixed and i can keep on working. thanks Bill
Left by Lena on Oct 13, 2017 3:07 AM

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