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One of the hardest things for some managers to understand is that fighting for "regression testing" time with your customers can save you time in the long run.  At work we are currently focusing on a regression sprint; where everyone including developers are re-testing existing items from previous sprints.  Instead of our normally assigned bug/development items, we have been given existing bugs to re-test.  I love this!

Not only does that show that management have the proper focus on developing and deploying a good and solid product; but it allows developers to grow from a documentation/testing standpoint.  It's really interesting when you have only looked at bugs from the developer side, and then having to go back and read another developer's "how to" notes on what was done to fix it.  Did they give enough information to double check their logic of the solution?  Did they even bother to fill the documentation out?  I know that it's nice to have another developer casually look over your shoulder while you are developing, or having someone there to look at the problem if you get stuck; but it's an entirely different situation when they are coming in cold and having to look at what you have done without your interpretation of the problem.  You can quickly learn that you are/aren't giving a tester enough to work with. 

Another benefit of this is that you get to see another person’s point of view on a solution; which leads to questioning, conversation (yes sometimes arguments), and again more learning.  Why did they use a separate entity for something, when (you feel) it could have been added to an existing one?  Why did they separate object processing?  Why are they calling some items asynchronously, and others not?  I think back to the number of complete projects that I have written in the past that could have used this type of incremental feedback. 

Best practices give the most benefit when actually practiced.

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