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I recently sat down with Ben Scheirman (co-author of ASP.NET MVC in Action) for my first interview on my new show DotNetRadio.  It was quite a talk!  We covered the following points:

  • An introduction to Ben Scheirman and how he got into web development
  • Bens path through various web technologies such as ColdFusion, PHP, Ruby, and ASP.NET
  • A brief discussion on code testability
  • Working with ASP.NET web forms using the model view presenter pattern
  • How ASP.NET MVC simplifies the testing process
  • Ben informs us of how you can sell test driven development to a client…or sneak it in
  • Regression testing
  • We run through the process of refactoring and how you really should trustReSharper
  • We briefly touch upon the concept of Continuous Integration
  • Ben discusses a new way of testing using MSpec to create documentation out of your unit tests
  • This leads us into behavior driven development and context specification
  • Next we discuss how twitter can be used as a developer tool
  • Ben describes to us how he got involved with co-authoring ASP.NET MVC in Action and the process involved with writing a book based on “preview” code.

Check it out at  You can follow the show on Twitter at DNetRadio.

As this is a new show the format is not entirely worked out just yet!  I am still trying to work out the music, the format, guest lineup, advertisers, etc.  Also, since I am a coder by day and a coder/writer at night – pro-audio is a totally foreign concept to me.  I am all ears if after listening to the show or visiting the site you come up with a WTF moment or just some good general advice.  Shoot it my way!

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