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Should Product Owner attend Daily Scrum meeting regularly?

The role of Product Owner (PO) is critical for the success of any Scrum team. PO is the voice of the customer and responsible for schedule, scope and cost. PO is a bridge between the business and the Dev Team. PO is the one who ensures that optimum business value is achieved. PO maintains the Product Backlog and prioritizes the items in it.  PO also ensures that crisp requirements are provided to the Dev team so that they can create quality product. PO is mandated to attend Sprint Planning and Review meeting. But that leads to an interesting question of whether or not PO attends Daily Scrum as well.

The main purpose of Daily Scrum meeting is to update fellow team members on the daily progress and report any issues/show-stoppers. Scrum Master takes a note of the issues and blockers and tries to resolve them after this meeting.

PO can attend this meeting on need basis and is not mandatory to attend. Even if PO is attending the meeting (S)He should be in a read-only mode and must not interfere. PO should avoid going into providing any clarifications and getting into discussion with the Dev team during this meeting. Following are some of the risks which might arise if PO starts attending Daily Scrum on regular basis and also interferes in between:

  • This might lead to PO micro managing the team which will be counter productive
  • PO starts acting as PM and we go back in traditional Project management mode
  • PO and Scrum Master takes total control of the team sidelining the team in one corner
  • Daily Scrum meetings over shoot stipulated time of 15 mins making it irrelevant to most of the attendees especially the Dev team
  • Adds a lot of waste as this meeting is held on daily basis

Overall, PO can attend Daily Scrum probably towards the start of the project while whole team is trying to ramp up the knowledge about the project and its domain. But once the team is mature enough that they have sufficient knowledge about the processes then it is a good idea not to attend this meeting regularly.

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