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I shared some information at a Lunch and Learn along with a demo and now I’m sharing it with you.

"branching as a tool vs branching as a strategy" ~ Scott
a branch is a playground

new task = new branch, use Pull Requests to get the code into master
- or allow direct check-in to master (for 1 or 2 person teams?)
checkout a branch with git checkout myBranch

from VS UI
VS Code UI

#taskNumber in comment will link up to a TFS task.

Pull Request
- gated
- code reviews

Command Line
get latest = git pull
check in = git add -A (stage), commit -m "commit message" (repeat), git push
git checkout is switching the branch

git checkout master
git pull

git checkout myBranch
git rebase master
git push --force // VS doesn't do this

git ..master karma.conf.js (compare your branched code against master)

rebase or merge?

get away from VIM:   



XKCD is relevant here:

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