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As Staff of Geeks is gearing up for Tech-Ed 2011, we’d like to highlight a couple of important tools that you should really be using if you are attending! If not, it’s not too late! Click here for some resources to help convince your boss and learn more!

The first tool is Schedule Builder. With over 800 sessions and 250 exhibitors listed in the catalog, it’s important to take time before the event to map out your on-site experience.


First and foremost, as Tech-Ed alumni, the number one complaint we’ve heard is “Why isn’t the room for <insert hugely popular session title> bigger? I really wanted to see that”. By selecting the Sessions in Schedule Builder NOW, you assist the planning team with several things, including room sizing and catering! Big win for everyone!

Second, it comes in very handy to have your schedule printed out or synced with your Outlook calendar onsite. You can then use the map in the Conference Guidebook or the minimap to make sure you know where you are going beforehand. This can help tremendously when trying to get from one Session to another on opposite sides of the conference center.

We’ve used Schedule Builder many times at past Tech-Eds and it has proved a loyal and efficient assistant, helping us create our own personal agendas for the week to streamline our onsite experience!

This year, you can also add Exhibitors to your schedule and within two weeks of Tech-Ed you’ll have the ability to sync with your Outlook calendar two weeks before the event

To get started, log-in to myTech·Ed, and then navigate to the content catalog. From there you can begin adding Sessions and Exhibitors to your own schedule.

What’s MyTech-Ed?

MyTech·Ed is a new tool for 2011 that allows you to customize your Tech·Ed experience. Find the content, make the connections and join the conversations that interest you, year-round. Create your MyTech·Ed profile and get personalized technical education and connect with community of experts and peers that share your interests, 365 days a year.

Through MyTech·Ed, you can:

  • Create your personalized conference schedule, including sessions, labs and exhibitors to visit
  • Use the directory to find other attendees with similar interests, even after Atlanta, so you can continue to develop social and professional connections
  • Arrange meetings, social activities, or a cab to the airport with like-minded attendees
  • Join discussions—or create your own on whatever interests you
  • Ask the community for:

                · Recommendations on sessions or speakers

                · Details on vendor-sponsored parties and meetings

                · Suggestions on evening activities, and more


These two great tools will streamline your Tech-Ed experience if you take advantage of them! Get started exploring now!

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