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Well, it looks like Microsoft has been busy on the security front this month. Not only did they release their security essentials this week but also some interesting testing tools, too.
Essentials is the Microsoft answer to real-time Home PC protection. It guards against viruses, spyware and other malicious software. It is now available for download from Microsoft.
MiniFuzz is a basic testing tool designed to help detect code flaws that may expose security vulnerabilities in file-handling code. This tool creates multiple random variations of file content and feeds it to the application to exercise the code in an attempt to expose unexpected and potentially insecure application behaviors.
BinScope is a Microsoft verification tool that analyzes binaries on a project-wide level to ensure that they have been built in compliance with Microsoft's Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) requirements and recommendations. BinScope checks that SDL-required compiler/linker flags are being set, strong-named assemblies are in use, up-to-date build tools are in place, and the latest good ATL headers are being used.
I would recommend you check these out…
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